Coming to Ajmer sharif

Come let’s go to Ajmer…

“If you or your loved ones are intending to visit Ajmer Sharif then may we first Congratulate! you on your blessed intention”.

We Khadims of the Ajmer Sharif Dargah are here to take care of your needs and offer you our warm Hospitality while you are on your pilgrimage to Ajmer Sharif. You are considered as a Guest of the great Sufi Saint HAZRAT KHWAJA MOINUDDIN HASSAN CHISHTY  (R.A.) and it is our honour to invite you and cater for your needs while your stay at Ajmer Sharif. We have many guests coming from all over the world all year round. Some come in large numbers as communities while others come alone. All stay with us like families,However all return home with Blessings of High magnitude this is evident by many people from all faiths returning annually to stay with us.

We Khadims do not charge any Guest while their stay with us on Pilgrimage visit to Ajmer Sharif. Remember first and foremost you are a Guest of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A). However it is traditional in the Khadim family for devotees and guest to give an offering known as”Nazrana” of any amount or magnitude to thier host (Khadim family) they are staying with as a guest.

All we ask in return, to make your trip as successful as possible is to contact us as soon as possible with your travelling details after which we will take care of the rest. For instance If you are travelling by plane then we can arrange transport to pick you up from Airport or Train station etc.

We khadims have accommodation for a large number of devotee’s reaching thousands during the Annual events. Therefore With the Grace and blessings of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) accommodation & food provision are not a problem. Room’s are with A/C.

Photo overlooking Ana sagar Lake in Ajmer.

It is our prime duty as Khadims (Attendants ,Caretakers ) of the shrine to accommodate and ensure Welfare of our Special & Important Guest. We will arrange all your requirements you may have while visiting the shrine accompanied with a Khadim at all times if needed.

“We look forward to receiving you very soon …Insha-Allah”! (God Willing!)

If an international visitor from a different country needs a sponsor letter to apply for a visa for a pilgrimage visit to Ajmer Sharif. Please inform us at once so we can Issue a Notarised Sponsor letter from us, your Host & Sponsor in Ajmer Sharif.

Peer Syed Azhar Chisty S/O Haji peer Syed Farough Chishty Niazi
Cheif Moallim of Dargah sharif – Ajmer India.